Pray for Ukraine

A short but simple request. Please pray for Ukraine. Pray for:

  1. The thousands of Ukrainian citizens who have been forced to flee their homes.
  2. The Ukrainian military that they will do their jobs well as they defend their country.
  3. For President Zalenskyy and his family that they will be kept safe and able to lead.
  4. For theological students and faculty at several Ukrainian seminaries in Kvyv and other parts of the country, and for Christian pastors and their families as they serve the physical and spiritual needs of the Ukrainian nation.
  5. For wisdom for President Biden and American officials in the difficult decisions they face in navigating this crisis.
  6. Did you know that Ukraine sends more Christian missionaries around the world than any other country in Europe. No wonder the enemy of our faith wants to destroy the country and the Christians who live and serve Christ there.

One other request. Please pray with me that God will end Vladimir Putin’s rule in any way that our Trinue God sees fit. This evil man must be removed from power. May Christ have mercy.